Supplying Steel Components to Defence

Military vehicles

Trusted to supply steel components to the defence forces

RPG Australia sources the majority of our steel inventory from Australian mills.

Our capabilities are of such a high standard and our work is ISO9001 guaranteed, so that the Australian Defence Forces (ADF), their contractors and external service providers rely on us for quality defence steel components and complex augmentation for bending, pressing and cutting.

Military Tank

Exceptional capability

With a long and successful history working with the ADF and its contractors, RPG Australia’s exceptional levels of capability ensure our relationships with them continue to strengthen.

Our in-house specialised steel profiling and our capability with plasma precision cutting and multi-torch oxy create a flawless system when processing uniquely thick steel materials.

Our state-of-the-art factory includes a large inventory and the largest machining capacity in the state, with exceptional experience and expertise in the manufacture and processing of custom steel components to exacting tolerances and specifications. Our integrated agility in custom tooling, brake pressing and section curving capabilities enable us to reach ambitious goals with complex steel bending, folding and cutting.


Accurate and nimble

RPG Australia’s work with the ADF on the manufacture of steel components for military hardware demands uncompromising accuracy to meet the highest compliance standards and guidance material evidence.

Throughout any defence project, we remain nimble to design changes, buying into test and evaluation procedures, and our integrated project management software ensures we meet project deadlines without compromising on component quality.

Our experienced CAD designers work with complex drawings and 3D modelling to accurately interpret purpose and tolerance, whilst devising processing solutions and inventory options that enhance the integrity of the manufactured components.

VAUTID wear plate

Dependable and trustworthy

We understand the critical nature of dependability when working with external service providers to the ADF. At RPG Australia, we know we are one cog in a finely tuned machine. When we say we will deliver within an agreed time frame, we never waiver. We are renowned for our trustworthiness, integrity and confidentiality in our dealings with all clients. This is especially important when working with clients where information is of a sensitive and confidential nature.

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