Transport and Mining


RPG Australia has been successfully manufacturing steel components for the mining and transport industries for almost 40 years.

Our superior capability to supply long sheeted steel plate material for truck bodies and quality steel products that can withstand the rigours of surface and underground mining has enabled us to grow our portfolio of skill sets, capabilities and product range to meet the demands of this industry.

It is our agility, onsite machinery and highly efficient processes that allow us to communicate confidently with our transport and mining clients and meet their needs with precision, quality and flexibility.

Two metal experts working together

Heavy brake pressing

RPG Australia employs six presses with 2700 tonne capacity that press both mild and quenched & tempered steel plates up to 12.2 metres long, with knife blading and radius tooling to cover almost any requirement. We drill and countersink quenched & tempered steel to spec and create custom tooling when required.

VAUTID wear plate

VAUTID wear plate

We are very proud of our alliance with VAUTID, the world’s leading system specialist in wear protection. RPG Australia and VAUTID have joined forces to bring a premium quality European manufactured weld overlay plate to the Australian market.

Made in Germany and stocked by RPG Australia, the VAUTID 100 weld overlay plate is an efficient solution that extends the service lifetime on high wear surfaces.

Excavator bucket

Quality steel premium craftsmanship

RPG Australia has built a reputation for premium craftsmanship spanning 40 years in the industry. Our team is committed to quality at every touchpoint of every project, from procurement, ensuring all the steel we source is from blue-chip steel mills, through to the machine operators who treat each project as if it was their own.

We source our steel primarily from Australian steel mills. However, to ensure our supply promise, we engage a number of international mills and accept only steel that complies with Australian standards: BlueScope, Bisalloy, NLMK, VAUTID and SSAB.

We have invested in the very best equipment, CAD software and project management systems to safeguard clients’ timelines and keep their projects moving forward. All our work is ISO9001 certified and guaranteed.

No matter the size or complexity of your project, RPG Australia has everything under one roof and the experience and know-how to deliver your requirements to the highest level of quality and accuracy, when you need it.

RPG - More than experts

More than experts

We know steel; we work with steel every day. Our reputation is forged on our relationship with steel.

In over 40 years, we’ve developed a team that knows exactly what you need and how to produce what you need. Our team is 100% solution and customer-focused, working toward outcomes that keep our customers coming back.

Our highly experienced machine operators are the best in the business. Our technical crew and software design and operators set new benchmarks in quality assurance and innovation. Our management team empowers the workforce to make decisions and our sales team members are long-term relationship builders.

Our capacity and capability in the transport and mining industry are unmatched. We supply the right steel and the right tolerances, sizes and quality for any industrial need.

  • Dragline, excavator and dipper buckets
  • Underground mine LHD buckets, grader blades, longwall components
  • Drill rigs for surface and underground
  • Pressed sections for maintenance and repair
  • Haul truck bodies, liner and wear parts in quenched & tempered steel
Wacol factory

We supply, cut, form and process special steel plate grades for plants and equipment:

  • Pressed square to round tapered reducers and cone sections
  • Large diameter pipe and bends including scalloped type
  • Feed sumps and feed bins
  • Lining for ROM bins, TLO feed bins and other bins
  • Linings for processing equipment including breaker feeders and crushers
  • Components for vibrating screens
  • Components for hydrocyclone bodies, launders and associated structure
  • Pump bases and associated pressed steel sections
  • Diesel pump skids, quenched & tempered wear strips, canopies and pressed component sections
  • Chutes

We also supply cut, formed, rolled and processed steel plate grades for use in other mining applications, including:

  • Ventilation shaft relines
  • Ventilation fan components
  • Steel tanks for fuel cells and fuel storage

When you need the very best steel solution

We have everything under one roof and access to the highest quality grade steel and expertise, so get in touch with our team today and experience the difference RPG Australia makes.


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