Construction Steel

Construction and architectural steel experts

We enjoy long-standing relationships with large-scale construction businesses, architectural firms working on public and private projects, and of course our large DIY customer base that turns to RPG Australia for the best products and advice on steel usage and installations.

Although much of our work does originate from large steel construction and architectural projects, we have the luxury of passing on our expertise to a whole generation of new and creative DIYs managing their own steel projects with our assistance.

Metal expert standing next to metal equipment

Expert knowledge

Brisbane residents can see many examples of our knowledge and expertise throughout their beautiful city. Some of Brisbane’s most creative steel bridge designs and steel installations illustrate our capacity to bend, curve, roll and cut steel of varying quality and thickness.

We have worked extensively with leading steel construction companies and trailblazing architectural firms that specialise in the characteristics of steel, for strength, longevity and aesthetic performance.

Metal bender inside the warehouse

Customised solutions

Our highly skilled team can customise steel solutions for your project – big or small, standard or complex. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that showcase our in-house capability and align our business as the one-stop steel solution shop with everything you need under the one roof, from complex curved shaping for staircases, bridge form or installations to high-grade thicknesses for support structure and framework.

Our range of steel products combined with our pressing, profiling, cutting, drilling, tapping, machining and curving capability ensures we can handle any configuration thrown at us. Just give us a call… no idea is without possibility.

The right steel makes all the difference

The steel strength needs to be matched by the flair in the visual impact of a finished design. Choosing the right steel for the job is why our clients rely on us for the best advice.

With our Australian and international steel mill relationships, we have access to the very best steel materials available: BlueScope, Bisalloy, NLMK, VAUTID and SSAB.

Our currency in the construction and architectural space allows us to confidently recommend, source and process the optimum steel for your project. At the end of the day, it is all about the look, and our precise cutting and CNC machining capabilities ensure that we respect the visual outcome as much as its functional responsibility.

When you need the very best steel solution

We have everything under one roof and access to the highest quality grade steel and expertise, so get in touch with our team today and experience the difference RPG Australia makes.


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