Plate Rolling

Metal expert working with the plate roller machine

The specialist in plate rolling

RPG Australia is a specialist plate rolling facility. Housing five plate rolling resources with advanced rolling capabilities, we can produce just about any conceivable shape from a broad scope of steel products.

We can flatten and roll to template mild steel, Q&T plate, aluminium, stainless steel and boiler plate in varying thicknesses.

RPG’s new CNC Haeusler roller is ideal for repeatability and our rolling expertise extends to end setting, trimming of green, weld preps and quickie cutting as required.

RPG Australia plate rolling


  • 3mm, Ø 300mm x 3,000mm long
  • 6mm, Ø 400mm x 3,000mm long
  • 12mm, Ø 500mm x 3,000mm long
  • 20mm, Ø 500mm x 3,000mm long
  • 32mm, Ø 550mm x 3,000mm long
  • 50mm, Ø 914mm x 3,000mm long
  • 100mm, Ø 914mm x 1,100mm long
  • 100mm, Ø 1820mm x 1,700mm long

* Grade and thickness of material may vary these capabilities.
** Please contact RPG for anything outside of this range.

RPG Australia plate rolling common shapes

Common Shapes

  • Conical sections
  • Cylinders
  • Strakes
  • Mining buckets
  • Elliptical sections
  • Multiple radii
  • Spirals
Man using computer at the office

Complete CAD capability

We have integrated our full suite of capabilities into our in-house Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) expertise. Having our CAD team under the same roof working with the latest design software technologies enables us to deliver optimum accuracy, faster productivity and superior quality outcomes. Our CAD team has the expertise to work with clients to ensure that we tailor every solution we undertake to our clients’ needs.

We can custom roll to your specifications. Give us a call and we will tailor a solution to fit your project and budget.


Get in touch with RPG Australia to discuss your steel processing needs.