Section Curving

Section Curving

The go-to shop for section curving expertise

With close to 40 years of experience in section curving and a portfolio of projects displayed around the state, RPG Australia is the go-to shop for bending and rolling multiple radii, cold-formed sections, stainless steel and aluminium.

Our factory includes 11 machines with the capacity to bend and roll a variety of materials for specialist projects.

We can work with: 20 x 20SHS to 400 x 400SHS, roll pipe 20nb to 300nb, 75 to 380PFC, 610UB, angle up to 250×250. Camber beams up to 800WB.

Our expertise and capacity extend to PFC on edge, toe-in, toe-out, universal beams and columns on edge and monorail, tapered flange columns (TFC), tee sections, small to large diameter pipe, railway track, large square hollow sections up to 400x400mm, large rectangular hollow sections, round bar and billet steel.

Section Curving

Complete CAD capability

We have integrated our full suite of capabilities into our in-house Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) expertise. Having our CAD team under the same roof working with the latest design software technologies enables us to deliver optimum accuracy, faster productivity and superior quality outcomes. Our CAD team has the expertise to work with clients and tailors every solution we undertake to our clients’ needs.

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