Our Team

Man using machinery at factory

Steel processing experts

At RPG Australia, our team have strength on every line, with a healthy blend of decades of experience and youthful enthusiasm. A large number of our team have been with the organisation for over 20 years, bringing stability to our experience, client relationships and knowledge.

In our digital and administration area, our team of young designers and system savvy operations experts are hand-picked for their skills and passion.

Man using machinery at factory

Game changers

Our team members on the factory floor know steel. Most have grown up around it, whether working in the steel trades or working within the steel production industry. They are true steel specialists with high-performance attitudes and skillsets.

When you’re looking for a team that can profile, press, roll, curve, cut, tap and drill any steel material to any shape and up to 12 metres long, then RPG Australia is your go-to business. Projects big or small, questions easy or complicated… we deliver on time, every time.

RPG Warehouse

All under one roof

Our team members all work under one roof. From management to operations, from programmers to processors, our state-of-the-art factory is a hub of productivity, innovation and creativity. Each area connects seamlessly with the other… totally transparent and flawless.

All our inventory, advanced machinery and steel production resources are housed in one location, ensuring our team works with the best materials, equipment and software to ensure our clients get the fastest turnaround and the highest quality finished products.

Man using machinery at factory

Agile and flexible

In every department and on every line, our team prides itself on being agile and flexible. We are big enough to support any industry and project, whilst maintaining our commitment to small business values.

Being able to move with our clients – find solutions and being flexible enough to shift gears when a client’s project changes – is what sets RPG Australia apart from the competition. We can make decisions on the run and don’t need to pass things up the line and wait days or weeks for approval.

Two men discussing at the office

Communication is king

Our communication philosophy is ‘Listening to understand, not simply to reply.’

Understanding our clients’ needs is the most important part of our communication process. The same applies internally between team members and departments.

With the focus on listening and understanding, we are able to streamline every milestone and continually learn and develop as leaders in our industry.

Our advanced project management software allows anybody within our business to communicate with any client on the progress of their project in real-time. Each project and order is tracked 24/7 and our clients communicate directly with decision makers, building meaningful partnerships through open and transparent communication.

Man testing quality of steel

Quality assurance

Quality and safety are at the apex of our daily work practices. The quality of our workmanship and our steel products is central to our reputation and accreditations. All our steel is supplied to the highest Australian standards and our work is ISO9001 certified.

Our in-house safety standards exceed regulatory requirements and we are uncompromising in our commitment to the welfare of our clients, staff and stakeholders.

Only the very best steel solutions

We have everything under one roof and access to the highest quality grade steel and expertise, so get in touch with our team today and experience the difference RPG Australia makes.


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