About RPG Australia

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Your integrated steel solutions partner

Servicing Queensland for nearly four decades, RPG Australia has all your steel needs under one roof. As part of the Southern Steel Group, we are your integrated steel solutions partner. Our supply and buying power is just the start of our exceptional customer experience.

With everything under one roof and real-time monitoring of every order and customisation project, we deliver outstanding results, no matter the size or complexity of your project.

Metal Steel Factory

State-of-the-art factory

We designed our new purpose-built factory for speed and safety. With lean processes and first-class steel manufacturing machines, we have superior agility, with everything at our fingertips. Our factory leads the industry in plate rolling, bevelling and profiling.

Our brake pressing capability is unmatched, and the result of our section curving capability can be seen in some of Queenlands’s most recognised architectural wonders.


With our CAD team, machinists, steelwork engineers, procurement team, inventory control and decision makers all under the same roof, we offer a nimbleness that no other business in Australia can match.

Steel Plates

Steel "connoisseurs"

More than just experts, we are the connoisseurs of the steel industry. We stock only the best mild steel, quenched & tempered steel, stainless steel, Corten steel and other exotic grades.

If you can name it, we probably stock it and our team of steel experts knows exactly what type of steel you need for any given project. Just give our sales team a call and they will have the most desirable solution for your requirements.

Melting steel

Direct from the mill

We source our steel primarily from Australian mills. However, to ensure our supply promise, we engage a number of international mills to make up any shortfalls in our steel portfolio. A key advantage is our ability to deal directly with each mill.

RPG Australia sources our steel from quality suppliers including BlueScope, Bisalloy, NLMK, VAUTID and SSAB.

We have invested decades into building relationships with renowned steel mills. These partnerships mean we have a secure pipeline to the highest quality steel products at all times.

We never run short of stock and we store all our raw stock undercover within the roofline of our Wacol factory. You wouldn’t leave your collection of fine wine outside… and neither do we.

End your search with us

Whether you are shopping around, have a small bespoke project, or you’re a large industry leader, we’ve listened to all the stakeholders and understand industry needs. RPG Australia has invested heavily in project monitoring software, enabling us to track every order milestone.

With a simple glance, we can tell you exactly where your project is sitting and how long it will take to complete, and you speak directly with onsite decision-makers. At RPG Australia we value transparency.

Contact our team today, and experience the difference RPG Australia can make to your project.


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